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Here, you will read up about my life and interests, and if you wish, view my Portfolio of drawings that I have drawn up over the past few years.

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I am Ervin Tan, who is currently attending Singapore Polytechnic as a student in it's Diploma in Infocomm Security Management.

As an aspiring artist and IT worker, I am attending an IT course to potentially hone my skills in the craft before I go out into the work force and make use of my IT skills in one of my possible ambitions - an IT penetration tester. Inspired by names such as Kevin Mitnick, who despite having troubled pasts, is now one of the most successful penetration testers of all time with an almost 100% success rate.

For me, I enjoy dabbing some of my time into watching food shows and anime, as I find them extremely entertaining. If you want to read more about my interests, definitely click here!


Singapore Polytechnic

Singapore Polytechnic is where I am currently studying, and I am studying as a first year in the Polytechnic's Diploma in Infocomm Security Management. Here, I am learning how to fight against cyber attacks and become a better teamplayer. Although the time that I have spent in the polytechnic so far is short, I am able to push myself further with the help of my lecturers to be a more effective person in the workforce in the near future.

Bedok South Secondary School

Bedok South Secondary School was where I most recently studied, as a student who took pure sciences and additional mathematics. 4 years of my life went to pushing myself further, which gifted me a love for learning, a love for meeting new friends and acquaintances, and the opportunity to express myself as a person. The time there I spent with the teachers who spent sleepless nights trying to better their students and good friends who will stay with me for life are certainly moments that will stay deeply etched in my heart.

A full-blooded Singaporean,

Who enjoys learning and meeting new people

And is happy to hear you out in your good and bad days.